IAD: Washington Dulles Airport Updates (or, What a Mess at IAD)

Seems like every time IAD tries to make the airport better these days, something goes wrong.

First, it appears the new AeroTrain system is delayed again.

Second, they finally opened the new downstairs security screening area. I’ve been anticipating this for some time. They had years to plan the layout to make sure they got everything right.

They didn’t.

For starters, if you walk into security from the downstairs level, you need to walk all the way to the other end of security to get to the first class/expert security line. Then, you have to walk 3/4 of the way back to where you started to get to a TSA agent to check your records.

There’s only one TSA agent set up on the first class line, so both times I’ve gone through, it’s been quicker to go through the regular line.

After getting through security, there are no designated lanes for expert vs. family travelers yet.

So, all in all, maybe a C- as a grade for the new security screening area? The only reason I’m not giving it an F is that I don’t have to go upstairs.

Here’s hoping they get this figured out at some point.

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