Palm Springs-Day 3

Day 3 saw markedly better weather than the last two days. After a disjointed run at breakfast, we headed down to the pool. While it was a bit chilly, the kids had an awesome time. The only downside was that a couple of the kids were too small to go down the big slide. We’ve got our first couple of pictures off the digital camera.

First, we’ve got Catherine, sitting with two of her cousins, Kiley and Jagger:

Palm Springs
Then, we’ve got a few pictures of the mountains from the golf course, along with a picture of me attempting to hit a golf ball. All pictures are courtesy of my cousin Ron. Ron’s claim to fame on this trip is trying to hit a golf shot to his left, and having the ball go right. It then hit a palm tree, bounced off and hit another tree, followed by what sounded like a wall, and finally ending up in someone’s pool. Congratulations, Ron.

Palm SpringsPalm Springs
Palm Springs
When we left the pool to go play golf, Michelle wasn’t feeling well. By the time golf was done, she was curled up in bed, sick as a dog. We went and picked up food for dinner to eat in with the cousins. An early night for all, and hopefully feeling better for Day 4.

Stay tuned for more pictures, including some of our suite, along with some more of the beautiful Palm Springs landscape.

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