Win Free Coffee And Stars In The Starbucks Summer Game

Starbucks is back with another summer game that allows you to win free coffee, drinks and stars.  Starbucks offered a similar promotion last year that yielded a few decent prizes for me, so I’m playing again this year.

I’m often surprised at how popular Starbucks posts are when I write about them.  Starbucks is a popular company, for sure.  But, a lot of you folks like it when I report on special Starbucks offers.

I’m not sure when the game started, but I saw a sign for it in Starbucks yesterday when I was refreshing my caffeine reserves.  They have a website that explains all the details.  Here are the basics you need to know:

  • You can login on a daily basis to play the game.
  • You can earn additional entries to play the game by performing certain activities.  For example, buying one drink on a weekday and another on a weekend.
  • Regular Starbucks customers will be able to achieve all the challenges without a lot of effort.  Occasional customers still have prizes they can win.
  • The top prize is 50,000 stars, worth about $2,000.  There are a number of small prizes.

I’ve already won a handful of stars and achieved some of the challenges.



The Final Two Pennies

There are enough prizes being given away that it’s worth playing along.  I’m sure there are a ton of people playing the game, but Starbucks appears to have set this year’s game up equally well so folks have a legit shot of winning something.

Happy caffeining!

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  1. You can complete the challenges by selecting them from the game play choices drop down. I was in Starbucks to make exactly 1 purchase during the time I played. I completed all the challenges by requesting each one as the game I wanted to play. One play seems to complete each challenge, even if you would need to do multiple activities at a Starbucks store to complete that challenge! How crazy is that?

    However, I got through the game in 61 moves, bypassing all the super stars. And once you finish, you can’t play anymore. I was only the 3391st to complete, which I thought was a low number.

    But I hope this helps some who would not otherwise complete the game.

    1. I was 1 star away from the last Super Star at the end of the game. My next play was Move Ahead 6 and it was game over. No extra stars or anything.

      BTW, you get 2 free daily game plays without purchase – the link is at the bottom after you sign in.
      HOWEVER, you can play more than 1 of the challenge games – they don’t seem to count towards your 2 daily plays. At least, that is how it worked for me. No way was I going to visit 20 times – lol.

  2. Thanks Marilyn for your reply. I’ve been using the free game plays and I’ve already completed all the challenges, I’m halfway through level 4 game board. I guess then you have to land *ON* the last star to get a large prize. Too bad they don’t reward you with anything for making it to th end. I’m a bit bummed about that. Oh well, will keep playing until the end.

    1. What are the level 4 challenges? I’ve just started level 3 and was hoping to plan my purchases so they would count towards multiple challenges.

      1. I can’t get in to the game anymore since I completed it. But after you sign in, at the top of the screen, as I recall, there are links for:
        Map – to show the game board and where you are on it
        Challenges – click here to see all the challenges listed for each level. Note the name of each challenge – you can request a game play of each of them
        Journal – to see all the badges you earned (where you landed with each play)
        Play – to make a play – if you have any game plays, a small number should appear next to the word Play.

        Read my earlier comments and replies above to see how to complete the challenges without having to visit Starbucks 20 times, or spend a lot of $$ in one order.

      2. You can request two free challenge game plays per day. Yr two free requests don’t have to be. “daily game play” for which you get one shake/turn. I’ve been requesting the challenges (with 2 shakes/turn per each challenge so I’ve ended up getting 4 shakes per day w/out a purchase). Thetefore, if you don’t make a purchase specific to a particular challenge you can still complete it. I’m at gold status until March of 2018. I recently had spine surgery and have been unable to make a purchase since the game began as I am basically confined to my home recuperating; Yet, I’m 1/3 of the way through level four. After I have finished completing the level four challenges via free challenge request plays, I will then start using the 2 “free daily game plays per day with one shake each. From landing on a star space, I’ve landed on 5 star spaces and won 4 separate single stars and one 10 star win for a total of 14 stars w/o a purchase. When requesting each of the free daily game pass turns, the e-mails show up immediately after the request; However, when requesting a free challenge play turn, it takes about 24 hours for it to hit your email in-box. I’m still curious as to how many have won the 10,000 star prize from Level 1, the 20,000 from Level 2 and so-on. Also curious to hear if anyone has won the larger star wards (up to 875) from landing on a regular star prize award.

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