Hotel Review: Sheraton Stockholm

The Sheraton Stockholm is located a very short walk from Stockholm Central Station, the main train terminal.  I actually took the Arlanda Express from the airport to downtown.

The lobby is bright and spacious with a cosmopolitan feel.  True to the Sheraton brand, there’s a small area off to the side with computers for folks who need to work.  Even though I was there well before normal check-in time, the staff was more than happy to check me in early. In just a few minutes I was headed upstairs to my room.



The rooms are in great shape physically and very comfortable.  Dominated by lighter wood tones, the décor was warm and inviting.  This is one of those hotels where the rooms look great in the pictures and actually do in person as well.

The entry way has a closet, electric kettle for instant coffee and tea as well as a minbar.



Unlike some European hotels, the hotel had a sizable desk for me to work at with plenty of power.  The bed was very comfortable, and there was some soft seating near the windows.





Even though I had chosen points as my amenity the hotel had a bottle of wine and a plate of pastries delivered to me shortly after arrival.  Friendly, accommodating staff was a recurring theme throughout the stay.


The bathroom was bright and clean with a shower.  While the bathroom was clean, this was one of only two problems I had with the room during my stay.  Overnight when the shower or sink hadn’t been used in a while, there was a slight odor of sewer gas from the bathroom.  I imagine it has something to do with the way the sewer traps are built, as I did change rooms due to a thermostat issue and encountered the same odor periodically.  The thermostat was finicky in my first room, a bit more cooperative though not ideal in the second.  The staff was very apologetic.



The hotel gym was sizable with an ample variety of equipment.  I was the only one in there each time I worked out.  The aerobic equipment wasn’t the newest generation but was new enough and in good working condition.


I also got a really good chuckle out of this sign on a door in the fitness center area.  It probably took me longer to decipher than it should have.


The hotel has a club lounge that SPG Platinum members are invited to use during their stay.  It was largely empty during my stay, but I always found a variety of foods to enjoy.  If you’re looking for a place to work and snack during your stay, the lounge is perfect.




I was traveling with the owner of our company, who was arriving a day after me.  I booked his room (and got the credit for the nights towards my Platinum status).  The hotel had proactively upgraded one of the rooms to the Presidential Suite.  Since I was getting the points, it seemed appropriate to give him the mac daddy room.  But, I did manage to take a quick walk around and snap some pictures.  If you can use a Suite Night Award for this hotel and score the Presidential Suite, it’s well worth it.






Summing Up Sheraton Stockholm



This was my one and only trip so far to Stockholm and the only hotel I stayed at, so my sample size is small.  But, given the condition of some Sheratons, this hotel was a pleasant surprise.

It’s a Category 5 hotel in the SPG program, which means 16,000 points a night.  That’s a bit steep given the prevailing rates for when we were there.  I also checked a handful of summer dates and found a mixed bag of rates from $250 to $400 a night, so it is possible to find good redemption value here.  And, you can’t beat the location near the train station and an easy walk to Gamla Stan, the waterfront and other areas of the city ripe for exploration.

I might consider one of the Radisson hotels if I was a Club Carlson fan, or one of the Design Hotels that SPG is now associated with as alternatives if you’re looking for something truly upscale.  But, the Sheraton is the little hotel that could, under promising with a non-descript exterior but a warm and inviting interior.

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  1. It’s interesting you mentioned the Radissons in Stockholm. One of my best Upgrades EVER was at the Radisson Blu Waterfront. Great hotel. They proactivley upgraded us to one of the suites at the highest floor, and it was AMAZING – like a mini-IKEA apartment, and had a huge hot tub in the room (and I mean – huge).

    1. Dude, I’ve heard good things about the Radissons in Stockholm (lots of European cities for that matter). Sounds like an awesome upgrade. I’d consider them more seriously if they had better coverage in the US.

  2. I’ve stayed in that suite!

    The hotel is a conveniently located SPG option in an area dominated by Radisson. The lounge was much more full when I was there but still good service. My only hiccup was one time when I used Your 24 to confirm an early check-in so that I could shower after my flight, and they didn’t have a room available for a while.

    Arlanda Express is the way to go, unless you have a very early flight. Then you would need to take a (very expensive) cab.

    Stockholm is great for running around with its interconnected islands.

    1. Mike, I had an early flight on my way home and took Arlanda Express, same as on my inbound. The train had to stop for a technical issue in the middle of nowhere! Thankfully, I mashed the Uber button as soon as I realized what was happening, since everyone who got off the train was desperate and I grabbed the only Uber available. I did let another person who was desperately running late hop in with me since that’s all the space the car had for luggage. I like Arlanda Express, but was a bit squeamish after my experience.

      Did SPG confirm the SPG Your24 request? I haven’t done a ton of those just yet.

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