Another Airline Trying To Make A Go In Atlantic City

Atlantic City airport hasn’t done that well trying to establish destination air service to the area over the years. While Spirit Air has established a good alternative to PHL there, I suspect most of those people are South Jersey and Philly folks departing. This week marks new service that is definitely in the destination category.

Summarizing My Year In Flight

This was one of my busier years in the air.  I keep track of my flights using a program called Flight Memory.  I’m pretty sure I got the majority of my flight but I might have missed one or two.  Some year-end factoids: 150,000 miles flown, or just a total of 6 times around the Earth.  That amounted to a total of 16 days in the air, or just shy of 5% of the year on airplanes.  123 planes in total.  No surprise my flight to Tokyo was the longest […]