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American Airlines-US Airways Merger Development To Be Announced Shortly

American Airlines and US Airways are getting ready to make an announcement in relation to the merger.  Based on the bread crumbs I’ve seen, there are only three reasons I can foresee: 1.  They’re calling off the merger. 2.  They settled with DOJ. 3.  They’ve convinced the state of Texas to drop their objections to the merger. Since they just got through approving an extension of their exclusivity period to emphasize they’re committed to going to trial, that would lead me to believe it’s not #1.  And yet, if DOJ […]

5,000 PQMs For US Airways Club Sign-Ups

If you’re looking to earn PQMs on US Airways and are considering purchasing a club membership, you can kill two birds with one stone right now. US Airways is offering a $100 discount on club membership (waiving the $50 initiation fee and discounting the actual membership by $50) and including 5,000 PQMs with the offer.  When I clicked through, the promotion code did not populate, so be sure to enter promo code 5KPQM. US Airways ran an offer not long ago giving away Silver status in exchange for a club […]

Extra PQMs For US Airways Travelers In The Northeast

Through October 31st, US Airways is offering double Preferred-qualifying miles (PQMs) for all shuttle flights between BOS, LGA and DCA. This doesn’t appear to be targeted. It’s already possible to buy status on US Airways.  They sell PQMs to members, though it can be a bit pricey.  Although, based on the price of the shuttle, it’s probably cheaper to just buy the PQMs than to mileage run. At any rate, though, it’s worth registering for this offer if you live in the Northeast.  I don’t value US Airways status too […]