Did You Win Free Starbucks From Me?

There were plenty of people who participated in my first Starbucks giveaway via “Tweet A Coffee”.  #pizzacoffee wasn’t quite popular enough to be trending on Twitter but we did have a few fun comments: I plan to continue handing out Starbucks on a weekly basis, so keep those Tweets coming.  The full list of winners who will be tweeted coffee today is below:   Will Run for Miles (@katruns26point2) Aarash Fakhori (@afakhori) Matt Heller (@mheller) Eddy (@eddylsc) Laura (@GreenbergLaura) Aleks Kobilarov (@akobilarov) Ralph (@PointsCentric) Michael (@TheRunningPM) Karyn (@Konorth) MilesFromBlighty (@MilesFmBlighty)