41 Hours in Tokyo: Walking Around Tokyo Part 2

Previous posts about my brief trip to Tokyo: Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tsukiji Fish Market Sushi and Beer at 6am Walking Around Tokyo Some quick pics of different experiences as I walked around Tokyo: Times Square-like buildings on my way to Imperial Gardens Interesting idea in the subway.  The vast majority of subway stations had these automatic gates on the edge of the platform so you couldn’t fall accidentally in front of a train. Massive Tokyo Metro Government buildings I believe this is the Tokyo Egg Building. One of the many […]

41 Hours in Tokyo: Tsukiji Fish Market

This is my second post about my recent trip to Tokyo on the inaugural Dreamliner flight from BOS-NRT.  You can see the previous posts here: Sheraton Miyako Hotel The Tuskiji fish market is the largest in the world.  Here’s a quick picture from above (not mine) that will give you a good idea of how much real estate it covers. The market has a tuna auction six mornings a week at around 5:20 am, and it’s huge.  Because of it’s growth in popularity, they only allow 120 people to view […]