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Just Because You Can Book A Ticket Through An Online Travel Agency……

Sites like Expedia and Orbitz make it so easy to search for travel, don’t they? But, they’re not a replacement for a real travel agent. Nor are they a replacement for common sense. A recent situation yields some tips for how to protect yourself from issues booking with an online travel agency.

Are We Getting Together To Talk Travel Next Week?

GeekyPizza 3 is less than a week away.  I’m excited to get together with people in an informal setting and talk about travel.  We saw some of the same faces at the first two happy hours that Jeanne and I put together.  And, based on the registration list this time around I’m looking forward to seeing some of those same faces again along with more first-timers! Next Tuesday, October 25th,  my partner in crime Jeanne from Le Chic Geek and I will be hanging out at Dino’s Grotto in Shaw.  Well, at least […]