Blackberry Announces New Phone With Physical Keyboard. Are They Toying With Me?

Thanks to reader Jessica R for pointing this out to me. Blackberry has announced their new Q20, which will feature a physical QWERTY keyboard.  This really isn’t travel news, but I was surprised at how many folks viewed my recent post on “Blackberry-like” keyboards for my iPhone. I didn’t end up buying one of the keyboards, but Blackberry sure is tempting me with this.  The device is supposed to have a 3.5 inch screen which is bigger than previous keyboard Blackberrys but smaller than my iPhone. I’m okay with my […]

Have You Tried Uber Yet? Uber Is My New Go-To Car Service!

Uber is a great example of using technology to disrupt the travel space.  The airlines (and to a lesser degree, hotels) have been slow to innovate.  Given, it’s harder to change technology in a business with as many moving parts as an airline.  Not so in the taxi/car service industry. Uber is a service that allows you to schedule and pay for a car service in a variety of major metropolitan markets.  The website currently lists 38 cities where you can use Uber to help schedule your car. They’re also […]