China Installing App On Tourist’s Phones That Steals Personal Data

This almost feels a bit like tinfoil hat theories, but a recent report seems to indicate that China is going much further in attempts to invade private citizen’s privacy in the name of security. What is your privacy worth? If this were a requirement for you to visit a country while traveling abroad, would it dissuade you from traveling there? What’s to stop a country from detaining you during the customs process if you refuse the access?

Blackberry Announces New Phone With Physical Keyboard. Are They Toying With Me?

Thanks to reader Jessica R for pointing this out to me. Blackberry has announced their new Q20, which will feature a physical QWERTY keyboard.  This really isn’t travel news, but I was surprised at how many folks viewed my recent post on “Blackberry-like” keyboards for my iPhone. I didn’t end up buying one of the keyboards, but Blackberry sure is tempting me with this.  The device is supposed to have a 3.5 inch screen which is bigger than previous keyboard Blackberrys but smaller than my iPhone. I’m okay with my […]

Have You Tried Uber Yet? Uber Is My New Go-To Car Service!

Uber is a great example of using technology to disrupt the travel space.  The airlines (and to a lesser degree, hotels) have been slow to innovate.  Given, it’s harder to change technology in a business with as many moving parts as an airline.  Not so in the taxi/car service industry. Uber is a service that allows you to schedule and pay for a car service in a variety of major metropolitan markets.  The website currently lists 38 cities where you can use Uber to help schedule your car. They’re also […]