Ray LaHood

The Government Decides To Give Up Using Air Travel As A Pawn In Political Flight

It only took a little over a week, but the government made quick work of the furloughs that the FAA put in place for the air-traffic controllers.  Both houses of Congress acted quickly to pass a bill that essentially instructs the FAA to cease furloughs for air-traffic controllers. In case you hadn’t heard, the FAA had decided they were required to furlough air-traffic controllers as part of their sequester cuts.  While there were plenty of informed arguments on the subject of whether they had to muck up the entire air […]

More Wasted Energy Slows Down The Travel Industry: Fighting About Sequester And Knives

It seems like this is bound to be a week of wasted time and energy by the folks in charge as it relates to the travel industry. The FAA started furloughing air traffic controllers this week.  So far, the delays haven’t been too bad, but it’s unlikely to stay that way.  View From The Wing is steadily continuing to beat the same drum, that the FAA really does have leeway here and that the administration is doing a pretty good job using the FAA as their race car in a […]

FAA Announces They Are Returning The 787 To The Air

I thought I had published this last night, but obviously I was technically inept enough to save it as a draft.  Good news, I think, and I still expect ETOPS to be tweaked on the plane as well which is also likely the right decision. Very shortly after the FAA disclosed it had received everything from Boeing that it needed in regards to testing their fix for the recent issues, it appears the FAA is ready to announce they are ending the grounding of the 787 on Friday. On Wednesday […]

FAA Publicly Acknowledges Boeing Has Completed 787 Tests

In the most visible sign that we’re getting closer to the 787 flying again, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that the FAA has acknowledged Boeing has submitted everything they need for the FAA to make a final decision on the 787 returning to flight: FAA Administrator Michael Huerta told lawmakers on Tuesday that the Chicago plane maker “has completed all required tests and analysis” of battery fixes to its 787 Dreamliner, including providing an extensive set of documents intended to demonstrate their safety.  While I do consider this good […]

FAA Approves Boeing 787 Certification Plan

While there have been lots of rumors and snippets over the past few weeks, there’s actual progress today in the return of the 787 to flight.  No, it’s not returning to flight yet, but the FAA has approved Boeing’s plan to certify the new battery system. Quoting from the press release: “This comprehensive series of tests will show us whether the proposed battery improvements will work as designed,” said Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood. “We won’t allow the plane to return to service unless we’re satisfied that the new design ensures […]