Southwest Airlines Decides To Offer TSA PreCheck

At least a bit to my surprise, Southwest Airlines has decided to offer TSA PreCheck access to it’s customers. This shouldn’t really be a big announcement since so many other airlines have been offering PreCheck for quite some time.  But, Southwest doesn’t exactly have the best computer system.  After all, it wasn’t too many years ago where they updated their scheduled spreadsheet to free up availability for more planes.  There was a decent amount of scuttle butt that Southwest wouldn’t try and tackle this prior to finishing the AirTran integration, but […]

TSA PreCheck To More Than Double By Year-End

It looks like TSA is getting ready to go through a massive growth phase for PreCheck, expanding it to many corners of the country where it’s not yet present. There are plenty of folks who decry the TSA and pretty much everything they do. I’ve never been one of those people, though I have had my share of unpleasant experiences traveling in the TSA era. I don’t think everything is perfect by any stretch. But I think they’ve hit their stride in a few areas, most specifically TSA PreCheck. I […]

TSA Expands PreCheck So You Can Enroll Directly, And Why That’s a Bad Idea For You

I’ve been a huge fan of PreCheck since it’s inception. I was an early user through my elite status with American Airlines and have enjoyed near complete success using my Global Entry status. Just in case you haven’t been following along, what’s PreCheck?  It’s security the way you remember it from 15 years ago. Leave your shoes and belt on, leave your liquids and laptop in your suitcase. And, much shorter lines (though that’s slowly changing with more people enrolled). Before now, the only easy ways to get into PreCheck […]

TSA PreCheck Expanding In Memphis, Austin, Cleveland and Raleigh

It looks like TSA PreCheck hit 40 (airports, that is).  There have been recent announcements about Cleveland and Austin. Then Memphis. And, finally Raleigh. I’m a huge fan of PreCheck.  I’ve been happy to use it at my home airport of Washington Dulles over the past 6 months and really like the integration with the Clear lanes in Denver.  While there are some that believe the TSA should be abolished, I’m reasonably happy with the way they’ve expande PreCheck. The easiest way to qualify for PreCheck is to be invited […]

CLEAR: Expedited Security Processing Reopens at SFO

CLEAR has arrived back in SFO, the third airport they’ve added since their assets were bought out of bankruptcy (Denver and Orlando are the other two). Some people don’t see value in the CLEAR program since TSA has established the PreCheck program.  PreCheck is pretty awesome.  You don’t have to take your shoes or belt off and you can leave liquids and laptops inside bags. But, there are two problems with the program as I see it.  First, it’s random.  Of the 10 times or so I’ve been in an […]