How Many Tax Dollars Went To Subsidizing PEOPLExpress?

The story may not be over but there hasn’t been a whole lot of news since PEOPLExpress grounded its “fleet” a little over a month ago.  At that time, I forecasted that we had likely heard the end of PEOPLExpress.  Since then, you could say they’ve made progress, but it’s still hard to say. It appears they secured a “wet lease”, where they lease planes from another carrier, but that requires DOT approval.  While they’ve begun that process, there’s no firm timeline.  So, thing are indefinitely on hold while PEOPLExpress […]

Is The End Of PEOPLExpress Upon Us (Again)?

PEOPLExpress announced today that it was temporarily suspending operations.  From the Airways News story: PEOPLExpress will be suspending service until October 16, 2014, impacting the travel plans of thousands of customers around the United States and particularly in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia. PEOPLExpress, based in Newport News, Virginia, has been struggling with operational reliability for nearly a week after one of its aircraft was struck by a service vendor’s truck. The suspension of operations may prove to be a terminal blow for the fledgling ultra-low cost carrier (ULCC). Trying to run […]