Partner Earning

American Airlines Reduces Partner Earnings Significantly, And Almost Immediately

American Airlines has made some pretty significant changes to their partner earning structure, and they’re effective almost immediately. Here’s what you need to know.

An American Airlines Change I Really Don’t Agree With

It’s been a tough couple of weeks if you’re a big fan of American Airlines and their AAdvantage program.  I am a big fan and there’s been nothing I “love” in the changes. I like the short mileage awards they’re adding, but they definitely don’t outweigh losing 4 systemwide upgrades (SWUs) every year as an EXP.  But, one change I noticed after the fact has me both disappointed and puzzled.  It’s how they’re addressing partner earning. I don’t think I’m quite surprised, given the changes they announced to earning on […]

United Predictably Chops Some Partner Earning Rates

United Airlines has released a large update to partner earning rates.  For most customers, I suspect earning rates will go down.  Across the board, it’s gotten more confusing for customers to figure out how many miles they earn. Wandering Aramean did a great job of putting together spreadsheets that illustrate many of the changes, dividing them into good and bad changes.  I picked Lufthansa and spent a few minutes comparing the new rates to the old ones.  This was for tickets that are not purchased on United 016 ticket stock. […]