Dinner In Portland: Jake’s Famous Crawfish

After breakfast at Voodoo Doughnuts and a productive afternoon at the Nike TechStars Accelerator, my colleague and I decided on Jake’s Famous Crawfish for dinner.  Jake’s has been around for over a century and has some interesting history.  About 40 years ago the restaurant was purchased by Bill McCormick.  He hired Doug Schmick to be the manager.  If those names sound familiar, they started the seafood chain McCormick & Schmick’s together. The restaurant definitely has some good history and a nice ambience.  Tall backed wooden booths frame up the multiple […]

Breakfast In Portland: A Quick Spin Through Voodoo Doughnuts And Stumptown Coffee

The couple of rare times I’ve flown into Portland, Oregon it’s been because I was driving elsewhere.  I’ve never actually spend any time in Portland until a couple of weeks ago.  I asked the folks on Milepoint for tips on food and Voodoo Doughnuts was very quickly recommended to me.  A local Portland coffee chain, Stumptown Coffee was right down the road.  So, when my colleague and I had a few extra hours in the morning, we headed over to experience both. We were at Voodoo slightly before 9.  It […]