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Asiana 214 Crash: Latest Report is 2 Dead, 1 Unaccounted For

Any fatalities is bad.  But, from 60 unaccounted for to 1 is a huge relief assuming the information is accurate.  A good night to give your kids an extra hug. There are some initial technical notes in some pilot forums that seem to indicate some changes to the landing threshold in terms of how the pilots are guided to land.  Way too early to tell what the cause is and many different factors possible. In the end, if only 2 people lost their lives in a crash where the entire […]

An Update On Yesterday’s 787 Fire

A number of media outlets are reporting that yesterday’s fire on a parked (and empty) JAL 787 at Boston Logan Airport point to a battery that is used to start-up the APU, or auxiliary power unit. If this is true, it’s an important distinction.  While a battery fire could happen at anytime, the auxiliary power unit is built to power the plane when it’s parked and the engines are off, not when the plane is flying, making it unlikely to cause a problem in-flight.  Not impossible, but less likely. I […]