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Allowing The Use Of Cell Phones On Planes For Voice Calls Is A Bad Idea, Even If The FAA Says I’m Wrong

A bunch of folks have written about the FCC’s decision to consider (again) the use of cell phones on planes for voice calls.   I had initially decided I wasn’t going to write about it despite having strong feelings, mostly because I didn’t think my strong objections were unique. But, a reporter contacted me seeking information for an article on this issue.  After writing down some thoughts for her, I decided it was worth framing the issue up so you could weigh in. I was admittedly taken aback by the […]

FAA Makes It Official, To Allow Electronic Devices Below 10,000 Feet

The FAA made official today what many folks assumed was a foregone conclusion, that you’ll be allowed to use your Kindle or iPad for pretty much the entire flight, though not the cellular functions. It’s interesting that multiple writeups I’ve reviewed all say things like the FAA won’t allow passengers to use cellular phones to make phone calls but aren’t specific about whether you’ll be allowed to use cellular data on a device like an iPad while you’re taxiing.  I suspect the answer will be no but I can’t find […]