Winners And Losers In The Haneda Daytime Slot Awards

The Department of Transportation has decided who gets to fly to Tokyo’s Haneda airport with the new daytime slots. See who the winners and losers were.

American Airlines Announces New Routes Out of LAX: Seattle, Portland, But No Hong Kong (Yet)

American Airlines has announced a whole bunch of new nonstop destinations from LAX. For folks who live West of DFW, this means a lot more ways to get to certain desirable places. Ski bums and explorers will find good things here.

Don’t Fret If You Missed Yesterday’s $15 Frontier Fare Sale

If you missed Frontier’s $15 fare sale yesterday, it appears they felt sorry for you and want to sell more seats really cheaply today and tomorrow. See all the city pairs….

The New American Airlines Route Network Is Good, Just Not If You Fly Out Of Washington Dulles

The New American has had a number of announcements lately about their network and for the most part they’re positive.  Due to some of the DOJ agreement and also to consolidation of the two airlines, some routes are being added while others go away.  The two biggest announcements so far are about Laguardia (LGA) and Washington-Reagan (DCA).  First, new destinations out of Laguardia: Charlottesville, VA Dayton, OH Greensboro, NC Knoxville, TN Little Rock, AR Louisville, KY Norfolk, VA Richmond, VA Roanoke, VA Wilmington, NC But, the downside here is that […]

The Mall-ification Of America’s Airports: 19 Hours in Minnesota

Over the course of my travels I’ve visited a lot of airports.  Over 80 by last count, which still pales in comparison to some people I know.  Included in that number are all of the top 25 US airports by passenger volume.  Well, with the exception of one. MSP (Minneapolis-St. Paul) ranks 16th in the most recent numbers I could find.  I’ve never had the occasion to end up there, so I was looking forward to my brief trip to get a chance to see the airport and make a […]