McCarran International Airport

A Weird Morning With Delta Stresses The Need For Communication

In one sense, you could chalk yesterday up to just another day as a road warrior.  Travel has it’s fair share of bumps and bruises, especially when flights are as full as they are right now.  As a business traveler, I’m used to things going wrong on the road.  I plan my trips to avoid as much of it as I can, opting out of afternoon flights in the summertime through popular thunderstorm spots like DFW.  To my knowledge, yesterday had nothing to do with COVID and plenty to do […]

My First Spin Through the New Terminal In Las Vegas And a Useful Tip On How To Get Through Security Quickly

I haven’t been traveling to Las Vegas as often as I used to, which has lead to a serious dent in my poker playing.  Along with a brief stop at the Palazzo a few weeks ago, I also had a chance to walk through the new E terminal at McCarran airport. For those who have travel scheduled from Las Vegas on United Airlines anytime soon, there’s a useful tip on how to get through security quickly.  It lead to a big fight with my cab driver on the way to […]