News And Notes For Wednesday, December 12th

What’s happening in the world of travel? View From the Wing has a detailed lowdown on new fare choices at American Airlines.  Gary has done an awesome job laying out a ton of detail on the new fares, so I won’t re-cover everything, but I will weigh in on a few key areas.  Essentially, American is betting you’ll buy more ancillary services from them if they bundle them.  I tend to think they’re right. There are 3 categories. Choice, the bottom tier, is essentially what AA offers today.  A la […]

Review: Hyatt 48Lex

Hyatt 48Lex is a new property that’s been open about a year or so in Manhattan.  Oddly enough, it’s located right near the corner of 48th and Lexington on the East side.  It’s only a few blocks from Grand Central.  You won’t see it from Lexington, it’s just around the corner on the Northeast corner of 48th and Lex. I checked in pretty late so I didn’t get to use some of the services the hotel had to offer.  I had heard good things about the property, but I was […]