American Airlines Is Giving Bonus Shopping Miles For Christmas

American Airlines is giving away bonus miles for specific spending thresholds on their shopping portal for the Christmas season.  Through December 2, you can earn bonus miles in 3 tiers:   This essentially breaks down to an extra 10 points/dollar as long as you hit one of the three spending thresholds.  All of these are certainly easy enough to hit if you consider your day-to-day purchases along with any holiday gifts.  And, this offer is a whole lot better than last year’s offer of 500 miles for every $250 spent. […]

Black Friday Mileage Deals

There are some enticing mileage deals out today if you’re trying to get some Black Friday shopping done. The US Airways Dividend Miles Storefront is offering the following: 9 miles/$ on Sears purchases (instead of the normal 3) 9 miles/$ on Sephora purchases (instead of the normal 3) 6 miles/$ on Macy’s purchases (instead of the normal 2) 4 miles/$ on Office Depot purchases (instead of the normal 2) There are a bunch of other deals, these are just a few. The American Airlines AAdvantage shopping portal is offering the […]

Holiday Shopping Mileage Deals Start And Always Make Sure You Compare Online Shopping Malls

American Airlines’ AAdvantage program shopping mall has some early double mile deals if you’re early bird shopping for the holidays. Right now, you can earn double the normal amount of miles at such merchants as: Macy’s (4 miles/dollar) Nordstrom (4 miles/dollar) Under Armour (6 miles/dollar) North Face (8 miles/dollar) Sears (not double, but 4 miles/dollar instead of 3) The shopping portals usually run specials as we get closer to holiday season.  In the past, they’ve included double mile specials as well as larger bonuses for hitting spending thresholds.  Those should […]