Hertz Corporation

Hertz Extends 6 AAdvantage Miles Per Dollar For Rentals Through The End Of The Year

Hertz has been running an offer most of the year that earns 4 miles per dollar for all rentals in the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe for all rentals up to 4 days long and 6 miles per dollar for all rentals longer than 4 days.  It was due to expire in August but it appears Hertz is extending it through the end of the year.   I happen to be a Hertz fan so this one sets up nicely for me.  AVIS also has a current offer of 2,000 […]

A Good Deal From Hertz Gets Better For Longer Rentals

I’ve been pretty happy with the most recent offer Hertz has had in the marketplace that offered 4 miles per dollar spent with them.  It’s been good to me, with virtually every rental I try to book showing the lowest price while still offering the 4X miles.  That’s why I was pretty happy to see the offer improve, though just for longer rentals. The new offer still comes with 4X miles for rentals 4 days or less, but bumps up the bonus to 6 miles per dollar for rentals over […]

Sick Value Out Of Hertz Gold Plus Rewards

For the miles and points junkie, it’s all about the deal.  With any deal, bigger is always better, right?  That’s our goal.  Find the biggest deals.  The game keeps changing which is what keeps it interesting.  I recently stumbled upon a wrinkle in the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program that can provide such value.  I wrote about the Hertz Gold Plus Rewards program in the middle of last year and found some good (though not great) value.  The play there was mostly about diversity but I did find some good […]