My Successful (I Think) Experience With Daily Getaways

For those that aren’t familiar, Daily Getaways are a month-long list of opportunities to score great deals on travel, sponsored by American Express and the US Travel Association.  I tried to jump in on one offer last year but showed up 4 minutes after it went on sale.  That was too late. The offers are all over the board.  There are some pre-packaged Vegas vacations and simpler items like Marriott gift cards at a 20% discount. Yesterday’s offer was one I had eyeballed from the first week that seemed like […]

Where Are You Going On Vacation This Summer?

I would guess that most people think of the start of summer as whenever their kids are done with school.  Or, if you’re a kid, then it’s definitely when you’re done.  Since my wife is a school teacher (well, until August anyway), that’s always been the start of summer for her. For me as an adult, summer never really felt like it was here until the 4th of July rolled around.  Getting stuck on a plane in June thunderstorms can sometimes evoke the feeling of summer as well. 🙂 As […]

AAA Is Good For More Than Flat Tires (And Hotel Stays)

Reading View From The Wing today, I found myself nodding my head at the value of AAA. Gary sounds about as allergic to prepaid hotel reservations as I am.  Plans change too frequently.  And, while SPG and Hyatt have generally been good about getting me out of prepaid reservations, I’d rather not deal with them.  That’s what’s so good about AAA.  As Gary points out, Hyatt’s AAA rate is usually the same as their prepaid rate but without the prepayment and cancellation penalties.  Sometimes I’ve even found much larger discounts. […]