Where Are You Going On Vacation This Summer?

I would guess that most people think of the start of summer as whenever their kids are done with school.  Or, if you’re a kid, then it’s definitely when you’re done.  Since my wife is a school teacher (well, until August anyway), that’s always been the start of summer for her. For me as an adult, summer never really felt like it was here until the 4th of July rolled around.  Getting stuck on a plane in June thunderstorms can sometimes evoke the feeling of summer as well. 🙂 As […]

Kit Kat! One Of The Most Popular Candies in Japan

I thought I was done with the Japan trip, but I forgot about the Kit Kats!  Kit Kats are one of the popular candies in Japan, although not the way you’d imagine.  Even though we see two or three different flavors of Kit Kat in the US, there are actually closer to 100 different varieties.  The manufacturer of Kit Kats in Japan has been known to come out with some pretty crazy flavors.  I managed to pick up: Orange Green Tea Strawberry Blueberry Cheesecake (not pictured) And, to get even […]