FAA Quietly Signals That You Might Be Able To Leave That iPad On During Takeoff and Landing

Count me amongst the crowd of people who don’t like turning off their electronics when it’s time to close the airplane door.  I rarely shut off my phone, hence the reason I love wifi so much.  But, I’ve come to appreciate that time between pushback and 10,000 feet and use it to read a newspaper or magazine. You can also count me in the camp of people who definitely don’t want people to be able to talk on their cellphone while in the air. Considering both of those opinions, the […]

A Slight Bit Of Progress On The Boeing 787

If you’re interested in a free drink on a future United flight, don’t forget to enter my giveaway. There really hasn’t been much in the way of real progress since the FAA grounded the Boeing 787 Dreamliner almost a month ago. A bunch of little snippets about different theories on what caused the problem. On Thursday, the FAA budged just a bit from its previous stance of grounding the entire fleet, allowing Boeing to conduct a limited number of test flights.  There are restrictions, such as only being able to […]

Pizza In The News: 787 Article In Huffington Post

Lots of people are concerned about flying on a 787.  And, no doubt the news about the recent fires is reason to give some people pause.  But, I’m really not concerned. I was quoted in an Associated Press piece yesterday about my confidence in the Boeing 787. “I’m as excited today to get on a 787 as I was a year ago,” says Edward Pizzarello, a travel blogger who has logged four flights on the 787, which Boeing calls the Dreamliner. “Boeing will fix this, and I’ll be flying on […]

Boeing 787 Fire Update: FAA Launching Investigation

There’s more news on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner today.  The FAA: plans to launch a top-priority review of the plane focusing on its electrical system and quality controls used in the manufacturing process. You can read the full piece in the Wall Stree Journal here. I’m not sure what a “top-priority review” is as it relates to a plane already in service, but it’s definitely not good.  The article also says that the review is related to other problems in the past but is being specifically initiated now because of […]