United Beverage Voucher Winners….

Plenty of funny submissions for United beverage vouchers, including a general theme that United might not always deliver on what it promised???  Anyways, the winners are: Orlando Traveler, who said, “The best way to make sure you get your own row on Southwest is by sticking a tissue in your nose and leaving it there.” Andi, who said, “Every year my husband and I fly United to Buenos Aires to visit his family and every year the flight is either canceled or delayed. I totally need all 10 of these […]

Bloomberg Has Lost His Mind

Not travel-related in any way, but I saw this news last night and I really think Bloomberg has lost it. New York City plans to ban the sale of all sugary drinks over the size of 16 oz.  Where to start? First, I don’t actually consume a lot of soda.  Maybe I have one or two a month.  And, when I do, 16 oz. is just fine for me.  So, this isn’t personal.  I get the smoking ban, and support it.  I even get banning sugary drinks in schools or […]