Doug Parker

Different Directions For Unions At American Airlines

I continue to read about developments each day in the continuing sage of union negotiations at multiple levels within American Airlines.  The last time I wrote about the unions, the pilots union was still negotiating and the flight attendants had just narrowly voted down a contract. As usual, Terry Maxon has the scoop.  The pilot’s union and American Airlines have both agreed to keep negotiating in the wake of passing their second deadline.  Both sides agree they want to keep talking instead of moving to arbitration, even though management has […]

Labor Peace Remains Just Out Of Reach For The New American Airlines

Labor peace remains elusive at the new American Airlines, though relations between unions and management for appear to be as bad as they’ve been previously. It wasn’t long ago that Doug Parker, then CEO of US Airways, was working out deals with union members of both airlines, promising generous pay raises. Agreements are signed, a merger consummated, and some believed there might be a period of harmony between labor and management.  I was skeptical. The lines began fraying a while ago, and the gaps have been getting incrementally wider. The pilots […]

American Airlines Destroys Their New Choice Plus and Choice Essential Fares

News from Milepoint this morning about disturbing changes from American Airlines.  They have gutted their year-old choice fare bundles in a fairly substantial way.  There’s been no official announcement, just a quiet change to the terms & conditions.  Here’s what we’re seeing so far: Choice Essential: American appears to have removed the change fee waiver from this offering, according to their website.  Now, $58 buys you a free checked bag, group 1 boarding and the ability to earn AAdvantage miles.  That last statement scares me a bit as it positions […]

American Airlines Makes Sabre Official, United Gets Rid Of Cleveland As A Hub. Things I Find Interesting On Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

American Airlines has officially announced it will stick with the reservation system that American has used for ages, Sabre.  This is not a terrible shock as Doug has publicly stated he learned from the last time he tried to use the smaller airlines’ reservation system (when Doug’s America West took over US Airways).  That transition was so bad that it actually forced the combined airline to ground the fleet, making for a lot of angry customers. It’s a good early indicator that Doug Parker is going to try hard not […]

The New American Quickly Goes To Work On Timely Departures

It’s no secret Doug Parker and his team has made a difference at US Airways in terms of on-time departures.  It’s also no secret that American lags behind US Airways and a bunch of other airlines when it comes to on-time performance and a number of other key metrics tracked by the Department of Transportation. According to the internal memo below, Doug and team are quickly working to improve American’s performance the same way they did with US Airways: Essentially, all mainline employees can earn an extra $150 a month […]

American Airlines Launching A Bid System For Upgrades (Sub-title: I’m a Bit Scared)

I was having a perfectly reasonable day until I saw this post from Wandering Aramean detailing American Airlines’ decision to jump in the pool of airlines offering upgrades in an auction system.  Don’t get me wrong, this program has the potential to be a nice boon for those that don’t have status on American Airlines, a way to get upgrades for a price they’re willing to pay.  Let’s look at the details: The landing page for the new program details the bid system.  Essentially, you can enter and change your […]

Confirmed: Texas Pulling Out of Lawsuit Against American Airlines-US Airways Merger

Terry Maxon has confirmation Texas is pulling out of the American Airlines-US Airways lawsuit. Terry usually has his finger on the pulse of all things American Airlines, so it doesn’t surprise me he has this prior to the presser coming up in about 40 minutes.  What does this mean for the merger? Well, it’s a positive, though not a huge one.  There are still a half dozen states party to the lawsuit along with DOJ.  The move is likely more about optics at this point than any substantive progress, since […]

American And US Airways Get The Day They Want In Court

It’s been a bit of back and forth between DOJ and American Airlines/US Airways in relation to the lawsuit DOJ filed to block their merger.  The airlines wanted to start in November while the DOJ wanted to start the trial in February (but was willing to compromise for the sake of the judge’s schedule and move to March). The judge ruled today in favor of the airlines and a November start date.  I saw it first on View From the Wing, and then went digging for more info.  Terry Maxon […]

This Is The Last Guaranteed Time To Get A 100% Bonus On Purchasing US Airways (Converted To American Airlines) Miles

US Airways has announced their 100% bonus again on purchased miles and it’s the last time we’re going to see a “non-targeted” offer of 100%.   I got some information today from someone “in the know” about such things.  They’ve said that this will be the last time US Airways offers a targeted offer like this prior to the American Airlines merger and that this offer was moved up on the schedule to get it in before both parties merge.  That’s not necessarily a sign that American won’t do the […]