Domestic Upgrades

American Is Now Selling Cheap Upgrades To Everyone. What’s Next?

American Airlines 787 Dreamliner

My father traveled quite a bit when I was younger. It was a fundamental part of his job, something he couldn’t avoid. It lead to some pretty cool family vacations, so we learned to deal with him being gone now and then.

He spent a bunch of time flying on TWA, and then American Airlines after AA acquired TWA out of bankruptcy. He had colleagues that traveled a lot more than him and received luxurious gifts like luggage and crystal for hitting milestones in the amount of flying they did with the various airlines.

Back then, my father recalls getting upgrades on virtually every TWA flight he flew, regardless of the destination. He can also remember when he transitioned to American Airlines that he would receive upgrades on flights to London even as a Gold member purchasing coach tickets.

Why The American Airlines AAdvantage Domestic Upgrade System Rocks!

As part of my domestic upgrade showdown, it’s time to lay out why the system employed by the American Airlines AAdvantage system is superior to US Airways. First, I wanted to thank Jeanne from Heels First Travel for staking out the positive points of the US Airways Dividend Miles domestic upgrade program. Next, before we get into why the AAdvantage domestic upgrade system is better, let’s just cover what the current system is.  Most of you are familiar, so I won’t go into painstaking detail. All AAdvantage elite members are eligible for upgrades […]

Reciprocal Upgrades Bring Back Time As A Key Element For Success At The New American Airlines

Now that American Airlines and US Airways have announced reciprocal upgrades, elite members have to recalibrate their thinking. There’s still some questions, but we know as of yesterday that the process is working, at least for AAdvantage elites on US Airways flights. AAdvantage elites are entitled to upgrades when they check-in for a US Airways flight, which makes me think of the last time I can recall timing being critical for scoring an upgrade as an American Airlines elite member. I don’t recall the exact time this quirk started or […]

Is American Airlines Selling Upgrades To Folks Without Status Before Upgrading Elites?

American Airlines does a great job of upgrading their elite members, especially Executive Platinum members on domestic US flights.  Over the course of the last 4 years or so, I’ve had over 400 flights and missed less than 10 upgrades, so there’s nothing to complain about.  However, there’s uncertainty on how upgrades will be handled going forward.  We expect a new upgrade procedure in the next few days that will accommodate elites on both airlines, but there’s still a ways to go before we ultimately figure out what the process […]