Department of Transportation

DOT Rules In Favor Of United on The “Krone Krime” Fares

I was just reading on View From The Wing that the DOT decision is out on the mistake fares United was offering a couple weeks ago for dirt cheap travel from the UK to points abroad. Gary notes that the DOT essentially ignored parts of their own rules to side with United here (which may ultimately be the correct decision): It’s because they don’t like consumer actions that they came to this decision (‘contributed to this decision’) rather than that the rules don’t actually apply to fares ‘not marketed to […]

United Says They WIll Not Honor Yesterday’s Mistake Fares

The news came out last night from United that they would not honor those incredible sub-$100 fares in Business and First class from Europe to the US and beyond.  Here’s the text of the note United is sending to people who booked those tickets: We have discovered an error with a vendor’s currency exchange rates that temporarily allowed customers to book reservations through the Danish version of at prices that were incorrect, despite United having filed the fares properly. We have suspended sales from our Danish website until the […]

The New American Quickly Goes To Work On Timely Departures

It’s no secret Doug Parker and his team has made a difference at US Airways in terms of on-time departures.  It’s also no secret that American lags behind US Airways and a bunch of other airlines when it comes to on-time performance and a number of other key metrics tracked by the Department of Transportation. According to the internal memo below, Doug and team are quickly working to improve American’s performance the same way they did with US Airways: Essentially, all mainline employees can earn an extra $150 a month […]