Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

A Review Of The DFW Yoga Studio & Other Airports Where You’ll Find Yoga

A quick spin through the yoga studio at DFW. They’ve got most of what you’ll need for a quick stretch, but here’s a few things you need to know….

Weather! Check Your Flight Status If You’re Traveling Monday

Terry Maxon of the Dallas Morning News is reporting that American Airlines had canceled almost 1,000 flights on Monday due to an impending storm in the DFW area . I’m usually a weather-watcher whenever I’m traveling, but since I’m home this week (thank goodness) I wasn’t keeping an eye on things. This won’t just mess stuff up in Dallas, as some of the canceled American Airlines flights out of DFW will have aircraft that were bound for onward travel. Whenever bad weather enters the picture it pays to be prepared. […]

DFW’s New A Terminal Has Quite A Few Wows!

As a long-time American Airlines flier, I’ve spent a lot of time connecting through Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW) airport over the years.  DFW has always been a decent airport to connect through.  DFW has been a tale of 3 cities as far as I’m concerned. The D terminal is the newest terminal at DFW, opening in 2005.  The C terminal is a bit dated but has some reasonable amenities, though nothing exceptional in terms of sit-down dining.  Then, you have terminals A and B.  For the longest time, neither of these […]

3 Free Months of Expedited Security And CLEAR coming to DFW

I received notification that CLEAR is now active at DFW airport.  While it’s a small list, it now includes DEN, MCO, SFO and DFW. I wrote about the benefits of both CLEAR and TSA Pre-Check recently, and I still think both have their own value as we figure out who will ultimately be the winners and losers here. Included in the notification I received today was a link for non-members to get a free 3-month trial of the service.  That strikes me as a pretty low-risk proposition unless you don’t […]