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5 Quick Tips If You’re Flying American Airlines This Weekend During The Transition

It’s been almost 2 years in the making, but American Airlines is finally going to integrate US Airways into American’s system, leaving just one. In the past, this step of 2 airlines merging has been painful. While this one is more likely to go smoothly, here are some tips just in case things go awry.

An Aviation Heavyweight Weighs In On The Dreamliner

Unless you’re an aviation enthusiast, it’s unlikely you know who Gordon Bethune is.  A quick peek at his Wikipedia page shows a career working for various airlines (and even a stint at Boeing), but the thing he’s most known for is his long tenure running Continental Airlines.  Most consider him to be the savior of Continental in the mid 90s.  I was never a Continental customer myself, but all of my colleagues who flew Continental swear by the man.  He commands attention in the aviation industry on a fairly regular […]