Woodyard BBQ Is A Solid Option In Kansas City

After visiting Oklahoma Joe’s in Kansas City, Woodyard BBQ would be my next stop during my short trip.  I thoroughly enjoyed Oklahoma Joe’s, so Woodyard would have a tough standard to live up to. Early on in my life, BBQ was pulled pork from North Carolina when I was there on a work trip, something I thoroughly disliked. Why take a perfectly good animal and shred it up like that when you could smoke it for hours on the bone and create bliss? Enter Texas BBQ, where Black’s is my […]

Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ in Kansas City Proves Me Wrong

I’ve said more than once (heck more than a couple dozen times) that if you want great BBQ, you go to Texas.  Texas has some really great BBQ. Black’s is one of my favorites, and I enjoy Iron Works in Austin proper.  Hard 8 near DFW is another favorite. Franklin in Austin was okay but didn’t quite live up the hype, IMO.  Besides, I’m not sure I would wait in line 2 hours for pretty much any restaurant. I’ve had plenty of folks tell me there’s good BBQ outside of […]

Franklin Barbecue Review And Some Austin MegaDO Fun

Franklin BBQ was definitely a rare treat that I likely wouldn’t have gotten to enjoy had it not been for Austin MegaDO 3. While I wasn’t a huge fan of their brisket, the ribs and turkey were outstanding. Combine that with Hecke Vision at the Alamo Ritz Drafhouse and a party at LIVESTRONG headquarters and it was a memorable weekend.

A New Yorker’s Romance With Texas BBQ: My First (But Certainly Not Last) Visit To Lockhart

It’s been a bit over a month since I enjoyed Hard 8 BBQ with my friend Scott.  Good BBQ is something I didn’t start to appreciate until later in life, but I’m definitely here now. Just over a week ago I had a scheduled trip to fly in to Austin.  I had a scheduled lunch before a drive to San Antonio.  Austin is one of those cities where I’ve rarely (maybe never) had a bad meal.  My lunch partners chose a nice restaurant where I enjoyed a great fresh lunch […]