New Starwood Property In Cupertino Tweaks The Brand Standard A Bit To Feature Apple Technology

Starwood continued its growth in the US this week with a new Aloft property in Cupertino, CA, literally right next door to Apple’s HQ. Aloft isn’t my favorite Starwood brand; I’m more of a full-service guy.  But, one of the cool things I saw in the press release was that the rooms are featuring Apple TVs.  For those not familiar, Apple TV is a small box that hooks into your TV and allows you to stream a bunch of things including your iTunes content, any movies or TV shows you […]

Lighting Your Miles On Fire, United Style

I spend a lot of time telling people how best to spend their miles.  There’s not much else that’s more frustrating than seeing people use 50,000 miles for a $200 airline ticket.  One of the common refrains I hear is, “I can never find a way to use my miles.” Frankly, those people just aren’t trying hard enough. But today, instead of talking about great ways to use your miles I figured I would spend a few minutes illustrating one of the crappiest ways to use miles I’ve seen in […]