American Airline

Clean Up Orphaned Hotel Points. 25% Bonus When You Transfer To American Airlines AAdvantage Miles

American Airlines is offering a 25% bonus when you transfer hotel points to AAdvantage miles. This is a good opportunity to get some value out of those orphaned hotel points, but I wouldn’t convert large balances unless you’re trying to top up for a specific reward.

Heavy Sledding For American Airlines

Bankruptcy has been tough for all the legacy airlines to navigate.  American has had it’s fair share of troubles to this point, but I didn’t think things would get even worse so quickly.  Again, it’s the pilots. Scott McCartney of the Wall Street Journal, a very influential voice in the travel industry, is openly preaching that people should book elsewhere right now.  I don’t agree with everything he says here, but there’s pretty damning evidence out there that the pilots aren’t going to relent anytime soon. View From The Wing […]

American Airlines Bankruptcy Judge Voids Pilots’ Union Contract

It’s official, though I think it was just a matter of time. Late yesterday, the bankruptcy judge in the American Airlines bankruptcy case gave AMR permission to void the pilots’ union contract. This goes back a few weeks ago, when the judge rebuffed American Airlines on a couple of small points. Quote from the new president of the pilots’ union, which just shows how ignorant they really are, IMO: “Management won’t be able to restructure successfully without first reaching a consensual agreement with us,” said new pilots’ union President Keith […]

Good or Bad? American Airlines Pilot Union Rejects Contract

WSJ is reporting that the pilots union at American Airlines has rejected the airline’s latest offer. IMO, this was a better offer than the pilots are likely to get if a bankruptcy judge voids their contracts.  I also think it’s a virtual certainty the judge will void their contracts. So, is this good or bad for AMR? On one hand, you could say it’s good in that they’ll ultimately end up with more labor savings by imposing more draconian terms on the pilots (and any other unions that fail to […]