Restaurant Reviews

A Study of Macarons. Athens & Paris For Dollars A Day

Macarons are a treat our family has become somewhat addicted to. Anyone that’s seen my sweet tooth shouldn’t be surprised. These tasty treats can be found all over Paris. Here’s our thoughts on 3 popular choices.

Restaurant Review: Kiku. Athens & Paris For Dollars A Day

Seared Tuna With Cold Noodles and Enoki

We had great luck picking fabulous restaurants in Greece during our visit. Kiku was a recommendation from the hotel concierge and it really was incredible. If you like imaginative, high quality sushi and japanese cuisine, Kiku should be on your list.

Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ in Kansas City Proves Me Wrong

I’ve said more than once (heck more than a couple dozen times) that if you want great BBQ, you go to Texas.  Texas has some really great BBQ. Black’s is one of my favorites, and I enjoy Iron Works in Austin proper.  Hard 8 near DFW is another favorite. Franklin in Austin was okay but didn’t quite live up the hype, IMO.  Besides, I’m not sure I would wait in line 2 hours for pretty much any restaurant. I’ve had plenty of folks tell me there’s good BBQ outside of […]