A Tool I’ve Traveled With For Years Gets More Valuable

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Ever since my first trip to China well over a decade ago I’ve used a VPN.  I was warned before I departed for China that I’d need one just to have basic connectivity, plus all the concerns with people spying on my activity.  Back then, NordVPN was one of the first VPNs I used.  I’ve used a variety of VPNs throughout the years and continue to come back to NordVPN.

Recently, they approached me about sponsoring my podcast.  I was happy to have them sign on since it’s a product that I’ve used myself.  However, in the process of discussing sponsorship with them I learned something about VPNs that I hadn’t considered.  Heck, this use case didn’t even exist the first time I used a VPN.

NordVPN has a mobile product that costs just a few bucks per month.  What I came to find out as I read through their newest promotional material is that a VPN can come in quite handy with various streaming services and even with live sporting events.  This past summer I traveled out of the country with my family a few times.  While out of the country I wasn’t able to keep up on the Tour de France, something I look forward to every year.  Peacock, the streaming service that gave me access to Tour coverage, was only available when I was in the US.

NordVPN’s mobile product was able to help me locate myself in the US for the purposes of watching the Tour.  In theory, this would work with other streaming services and we’ve also tested it with products like MLB’s streaming service.

The Final Two Pennies

If you’ve enjoyed my blog and/or podcast over the years I hope you’ll consider downloading NordVPN to test it out.  NordVPN is offering listeners discounts of over 50% if you purchase an annual plan.  NordVPN has come in handy for me a number of times, most recently to catch up on Tour de France coverage and a baseball game.  That alone makes it worth the few bucks per month.

NordVPN is a paid sponsor of my podcast, Miles To Go.

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