Summer Vacation Day 9: A Shopping Day In Freeport And My Pathetic Attempt At RV Repair

A quieter day and a quick recap.  Here’s a look back at the rest of our trip:

We continued our trend of meeting up with friends along the RV route.  One of our daughter’s high school classmates ended up in Freeport today so we joined them for lunch at Wolfe’s Neck Farms Cafe.  This was an outdoor cafe on a working farm not far from downtown.  Simple foods like panini, burgers, salads, and a “farm dog” (hot dog made from animals on the farm, I don’t recommend).  Other than the mystery dog, the rest of the food disappeared quickly with smiles.  It was a quick, fun outside lunch.

The rest of the day was spent walking around downtown Freeport.  Spoiler: we spent way too much at LL Bean.  Full on tourist mode.  Charlie and I did squeeze in a game of chess at the LL Bean home store while my wife contemplated very expensive furniture for our house.

It was a quiet night back at the trailer due to an early start tomorrow.  I did run to Home Depot and pick up some sealant to try to get the shower working again.  Bath houses at the current campsite aren’t horrible but far from ideal.  As you can see, I made a pretty good mess out of things.  It’s almost impossible to work in that tiny space.  I ended up on my back, head tilted to the side with my arm turned at a 90 degree angle.  Sorry, no bonus pics of me making an ass out of myself trying to fix our trailer.

We’re spending time with my mentor from college on his boat tomorrow.  He’s threatened to cook lobster and steamers.  I just have to figure out how to get the RV in his driveway on our way to our next campsite…..

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I was surprised to see you all with masks on at the LL Bean store. I know some areas of the country are still somewhat locked down but I assumed it would less so in that area. Don’t sweat the RV repair, I hate plumbing 🙂

    1. Dan, our son can’t get vaccinated yet. So, the whole family is wearing masks indoors to show support until he’s eligible to get a vaccine. There really aren’t that many masks up this way right now.

      I hate RV repair and plumbing!

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