Summer Vacation Day 8: Rolling To Maine For Some Lobster

The Pizza train was on the move yesterday to Maine.  If you’re just catching up you can see the first week of our trip below:

Yesterday was moving day, again.  Our time in New Hampshire had come to a close and it was time for the main attraction of our trip.  Maine was super high on our daughter’s list to explore this summer.  We packed up, waved goodbye to Yogi and hit the road.

Along the way Google Maps decided to fiddle with the route I had mapped out without me noticing.  And, we found our first low clearance bridge on our route that didn’t appear on any maps or RV sites warning of such things. Our camper tops out above 13 feet, so when I saw the 12’8″ sign on the upcoming train bridge I quickly threw the hazard lights on and braked, hoping the car behind me would react in time.  Luckily, I was able to borrow a driveway and a small part of a lawn (which only ticked off one homeowner).  We apologized, did our best not to hold up traffic and we were on our way again, looking for a different route.  Thankfully, we found a way “over” the tracks instead of under.

We’re at the Cedar Haven Campground in Freeport, ME for just a couple of nights.  We got here late afternoon and accomplished two quintessential tourist activities.  We made a quick swing through the LL Bean flagship store (open 24/7) before heading to the water for lobster.

We’re still big fans of Fodor’s books and our guide for this trip recommended Harraseeket Lobster.  On the wharf, you’ll find a bunch of picnic tables and two ordering windows.  You can bring your own alcoholic beverages, but they don’t offer any.

One ordering window is for all the fried foods (clams, fish, shrimp, chicken nuggets) and the desserts (how did I NOT order the Whoopie Pie?).  The other was a bit of heaven.  Steamed lobsters, steamers and mussels.  Steamers, or soft shell clams, are my absolute favorite seafood.  We ordered a little bit of everything and parked ourselves at a picnic table.  I was in heaven, and Michelle made the lobster disappear rapidly.

Broken RV Update

Thanks to Richard Kerr, who regularly insults me on my podcast, and some folks in a very helpful Facebook group, I was able to remove the access panel to our tub and figure out where the leak is coming from.  I have zero chance of fixing it the right way, but I’m headed out this morning to get some industrial grade sealant and, as Richard so eloquently put it, “crush it with clear marine sealant”.  To be continued…

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