Great For Families! Hyatt Residence Club Adding 9 Properties

Most hotels that are good for families are also good for other types of travelers.  With the exception of people looking for a secluded, romantic getaway at a boutique hotel, most hotels in vacation destinations meet the needs of most travelers.  Families usually have unique needs such as extra space, multiple bathrooms and connecting rooms.  That’s where properties like Hyatt Residence Clubs come in.

Hyatt Residence Club is a small collection of vacation ownership (timeshare) properties.  What’s fairly unique is that these properties can also be booked using Hyatt points.  That’s why I was excited to see Hyatt Residence Club adding eight properties to the mix.  I talked about this on my podcast a few weeks ago, after I saw Miles to Memories talking about it.  It had slipped my mind until I saw View From The Wing cover it.

Let’s set aside the weirdness of Marriott owning properties and branding them with the Hyatt name.  This is really great news for families.  First, let’s cover where the eight new properties are:

a pool on a cliff overlooking a beach
Sirena Del Mar, Cabo San Lucas

With the exception of Breckenridge and Tahoe these are all new destinations soon to appear on the Hyatt Residence Club map.  Our family has had some solid experiences with Hyatt Residence Club. We stayed at one of the Key West properties for spring break a number of years ago that was a short walk to the beaches.  And, we enjoyed a short stay at the Hyatt Residence Club in Sedona, Arizona.  We also got to enjoy the amenities of the Hyatt Residence Club when we stay at the adjacent Hyatt Regency Coconut Point.

The existing Hyatt Residence Club properties generally range from 15,000 to 25,000 points per night.  That’s generally for a room with a kitchen, living room and separate bedroom.  We did score a 2-bedroom at for our Key West stay and we negotiated a small co-pay in Sedona to bump up to a 2-bedroom.

In both of these stays we had a full kitchen and a spacious living room.  These properties don’t generally have a free breakfast benefit for Globalist members.  So, there is a small trade-off for Globalist members.  On the flip side, the Hyatt Residence Club had a number of extras, like free bikes, board games and daily activities.  And, it’s hard to beat a kitchen for saving money on a family vacation.

The Final Two Pennies

Hyatt Residence Club properties are the perfect fit for plenty of families.  Growing from 16 to 25 properties wouldn’t normally be newsworthy for a hotel chain or specific brand.  In this case, Hyatt loyalists are picking up access to five new destinations for family vacations where they can redeem points for a larger room with amenities important to families. If you’re willing to sit through a timeshare presentation, there are also some decent perks including bonus Hyatt points for your next vacation.

While we don’t know what category these properties will be slotted into, I would expect them to follow the other Hyatt Residence Club properties at 15,000-25,000 points per night.  Branson, Missouri has been on my radar for a while.  It might be my next Hyatt Residence Club stop.

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Featured image of Sirena del Mar.  Image courtesy of Hyatt



  1. That will be nice. I’ve noticed that Globalist suite upgrades can be pretty limited for families at most Hyatts, because the standard suites only have one bed. Huge room, one bed. So if your family needs two beds you have to stick to a regular double queen room.

    1. Jimmy, I think this is where you need to get your Globalist Concierge involved. I’ve had really good luck with my concierge reaching out to a property and explaining our situation. I’ve been able to successfully use my Globalist upgrades for family-friendly suites more than a few times by opening those lines of communication.

  2. Re: Northstar Lodge, when it first opened in 2007 (?) it was branded, marketed, and sold as a Hyatt Residence Club (in fact, I still have the baseball cap they gave to prospective owners which says as much). Wonder why they let it go (and have now since reacquired)? Perhaps it may have something to do with the the 2008 Great Recession.

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