Our Family Is Starting To Get Our Travel Groove Back

It was a cacophony of voices.  We sat down for dinner this evening and we were talking about a return to our friends’ ranch in Colorado.  It was a fun, light-hearted discussion.  We haven’t been talking too much about travel because we’ve chosen to stay home, other than our RV adventures.  Then, I asked the question that lit the fire.  I looked at my kids and asked them, “Travel restrictions are lifted immediately, what’s the first place you’d want to go?”

Not a single person hesitated.  Even my wife jumped in and they all yelled their answers.  Michelle said “Italy!”  Our daughter, “Canada!”  Our son, “Australia!”

Then, more chatter.  Our daughter changed her answer to Iceland, then back to Canada, then back to Iceland.  Our son threw in Japan.  Then, our daughter brought up China.  Mind you, while my wife had great suggestions of places to go at all those destinations, she was still thinking about a return trip to Italy.  She did also note how great Hawaii looked in the pictures from a friend who just got done with a trip there.

Taormina, Sicily

Charlie, our son, started talking about all the things we did in Australia back in 2019 that he loved.  He’s super eager to go hang out with a kangaroo again.  And, he really wants to try out the toy vending machines in Japan.  Our daughter is still fixated on Iceland.  Can you blame her?

The Final Two Pennies

I can’t say I disagree with any of the family choices for our first trip.  But, that wasn’t the point of this quick story.  It was just a bit surprising how eager everyone was to travel.  We’ve all discussed travel, COVID-19 and staying safe for months and months (and months).  This is the first discussion I can recall where there was a ton of anticipation.  We’re not getting on a plane anytime soon, but the travel bug is back.

It’s a good reminder of how travel has enriched our family.  We love to travel.  There are so many places on our bucket list that we can’t wait to visit.  We know “normal” travel is coming.  It’s not around the corner for us, but I can see it taking shape.  That first trip is going to be awesome.  I can’t wait!

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