Today Only: 5 Miles Per Dollar On Apple Purchases

If you’ve been thinking about an Apple purchase, today is the day to pull the trigger.  It’s also a great reminder of the value of airline shopping portals, like we discussed recently on my podcast Miles To Go.  Multiple airline shopping portals are offering bonus miles today for purchases from Apple.

United Airlines is offering 5 miles per dollar for Apple purchases today.

If you haven’t shopped through the United Airlines shopping portal, you can also probably double dip with this new member offer.  Or, if a member of your family hasn’t purchased yet, this could be a good way to top up their United account.

If you prefer American Airlines AAdvantage miles, they have a promotion running today, though less lucrative at 3 miles per dollar.

The Final Two Pennies

If you’re not familiar with shopping portals, they’re a great way to earn miles on items you already planned to purchase.  You login using your mileage account and click through to the website you want to purchase from (Apple, in this example).  There are literally hundreds of merchants you’ve heard of on the shopping portals.  You can generally still take advantage of coupons, sales, ShopRunner, etc. and still pick up extra miles.



  1. United and AA offered 8 miles per dollar on apple last month , and British Airways offered 12 miles per dollar at apple earlier this week, which nobody reported .

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