DEAL: $1,500 Round-Trip in British Airways’ Brand New Business Class!

In case you missed it, British Airways released information on their brand new business class product this week.  The product looks wonderful.  Much has been written about British Airways business class by my fellow bloggers and how much they don’t like the current version.  I’ve traveled in it many times and actually don’t have an issue with it.  That being said, the new product looks lovely.  You can see a more in-depth write-up on it on God Save the Points.


Now, bear with me for a minute, since I’m sure some of you are saying, “But, I don’t live in the UK.”  The British Airways Airbus A350 will be flying between London and Toronto this fall and prices are good right now for business class.  As Gil notes, you’re looking for flights 92 and 93.  You’ll find flights to Toronto for about $1,800, with flights to New York that route through Toronto around the same price.

Turn This Into Two Trips

With a bit of work, you can turn this into two business class trips for the price of one.  I found a few itineraries where I could book a cheap return from the US to London in February.  If you have airline miles that can get you to Europe, you can “nest” this business class fare inside another ticket.  First, you look for award availability from the US to Europe in November, for example.  That’s your “outbound” flight.  You use that get you to Europe, and you might even have to find yourself a cheap ticket to get from your destination in Europe back to London to catch the A350 home.

Then, you take your “return” flight on the A350 a few months later.  Using miles, you complete your second trip to Europe by coming home from Spain, for example.

The Final Two Pennies

I’m not rushing out to try the new British Airways product, though it does look quite lovely. However, for folks who like a bit of adventure and have some spare miles, you can string together two trips to Europe on the cheap using these cheap business class flights from London to the US.  It’s an unconventional way to travel, for sure.  But, it can save you a bunch of cash and give you the chance to try the swanky new British Airways Club World product.

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