Air Beer? The Things You Can’t Unsee In The Airport

I’ve spent so much time in airports over the past ten years, I feel like I’ve seen more than my fair share while traveling.  I’d never say “never”, as in I’ll never see something that surprises me in an airport again.  Today was proof of that.  I landed at my home airport of Washington-Dulles after being gone for most of the week.  I hurried to the underground train that connects the outer terminals so I could get home.

As I boarded the train, a handful of travelers boarded behind me.  I did a double-take as I was checking e-mail on my phone.  Because, this is really not what I expect to see on the train in between terminals.

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The Final Two Pennies

Some people bring a support dog to the airport to comfort them while flying.  Others stop at a bar and have a beer before they board.  This gentleman…he just decided that he would bring his beer with him.  I’m not sure to where, and I’m really not sure that’s a souvenir mug.  Gotta wonder if he was allowed to board a flight with that beer in tow.

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