If You Had One Day In Dallas, Texas…..

Hey, if you’ve got a minute, I hope you’ll help one of your fellow readers.  Last week, I started out a new series of posts with what I would do with one day in Sydney.  We had a few readers join with their stories, and I’m hoping we can continue to grow that.  I also put out a call to action in my podcast last week.

If You Had One Day In Dallas, Texas…

What would you do?  One of my readers asked for help on this.  I actually haven’t spent a lot of time in Dallas.  I spent a ton of time in DFW airport as an Executive Platinum with American Airlines over the past decade or so.

The last time I spent time in Dallas proper I got to join a good friend for lunch at Pecan Lodge, one of the best BBQ joints in the country.

Honorable mention to Hard 8, which has a location hiding behind DFW airport which is quite good as well.

What Would You Do With One Day In Dallas?

I’m not sure why I haven’t spent more time in Dallas.  It’s a big city.  I’ve had plenty of short business trips there, but nothing long enough to give a reader good advice.  So, I could use your help.  Other than a couple of great BBQ restaurants, what would you do with one day in Dallas?

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  1. Hi Edward! I’m on the same situation next month. My plan is to book a room at GH DFW with a nice runway view, get a good camera with zoom, and just spend the whole day there. But that’s just me! And I guess you’ve done that thousands of times already!

  2. Tour Old Main Street in Grapevine. There is even a shuttle that will pick up from Terminal D.
    Lots of dining / shopping options.

  3. Go to the grassy knoll and walk around downtown Dallas, and then go uptown for good restaurants. Perot Museum is great and a lot of great art museums. Deep Ellum at night.

  4. Love… “What Would You Do With One Day In __________”. Maybe you could start a series of this with different cities of major airports.

  5. Wow! Great post.
    It really depends how far you want to venture. Close to DFW, the Gaylord is worth a visit, especially when it has all the Christmas decor. You can go see the Stallions (classic sculpture) in Las Colinas. As the airport is called, you have a choice of Dallas or Fort Worth. Sports and other venues.
    Amazing food (this is a test market for multiple “chain” restaurants) if you can make it in Dallas, you can make it anywhere.
    Gladly will expound.

  6. Just around DFW airport? I’d do the recently updated AA CR Smith Museum, and maybe see downtown Fortt Worth.

  7. CR Smith Museum is just south of the airport on the grounds of American Airlines’s Flight Operations. Lots of AA history, including their first airplane!

    Another good (and free site) are the Mustangs of Las Colinas, just east of the airport by about 7 miles.

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