Cheap Flights to Hawaii! Under $250 Roundtrip!

Hawaii has had a rough go of it recently with volcanos and earthquakes.  That’s resulted in some pretty decent fares to Hawaii.  But, I think today’s deals are the lowest I can recall.  $700 used to be a good fare to Hawaii.  Nowadays, sub-$500 is the new version of “good”.  So, I’m not sure how to categorize…..

View From The Wing is reported $247 round-trip flights to Hawaii.  He cites LAX as one of the places he’s seeing that fare.  Sure enough, I do to:

I’m seeing these fares pretty much the entire month of September.  Gary notes that some of these fares are Basic Economy. The first few I pulled up were not, but you’ll want to watch for that.  Remember that American no longer restricts overhead bin access on Basic Economy fares.  Neither does Delta.

I also poked around other cities and found flights at $400 or less from the following places to Hawaii:

  • Houston
  • Portland
  • St. Louis
  • Seattle ($246, whoa!)
  • San Diego

Unfortunately, I don’t see a lot of love for east coast cities.  I checked Newark, Dulles, Charlotte, Raleigh, Atlanta, Miami, Philly and Boston.  Nothing really under $500 (which is still a pretty darn good fare).

The Final Two Pennies

I can only imagine that with the recent announcement about cities Southwest plans to spin up for Hawaii service, we’re bound to see some lower prices in the future as well.  Southwest still seems to be aiming to start service to Hawaii in 2018, though we’re getting a bit short on time for that.  We could be looking at cheap prices to Hawaii for on a more consistent basis going forward, though I think $250 is a rare find.

If your city isn’t featured in this fare sale and you’re looking to find ways to use frequent flier miles to get you to Hawaii, you’re in luck!  I recorded a podcast episode with friend (and travel pro) Spencer that gives you some great strategies.

Keep in mind that these fares allow you to cancel within 24 hours of booking.  If you’re on the fence, you’re probably better off booking the flight you want and sleeping on it rather than waiting to book.  This specific fare popped up late last night, so it already has a bit of hair on it.  These fares continue to pop up from time to time, but they don’t last.

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