BOOK NOW! Unbelievably Cheap Business Class Flights To China, Cheaper Than Coach!

Every once in a while a cheap flight comes along that urges us to ignore reality, our jobs, spouses and friends and book it.  Quickly.  If you want to go to China, drop what you’re doing and book this flight.

God Save The Points is reporting about a $560 round-trip fare to Shanghai in business class!  A round-trip fare in economy class for $560 would be a good deal.  A $560 fare in business class is just plain insane.  This can’t last.  It won’t last.  That’s why you need to go book this now if you have even a tiny itch to see China.  Or Hong Kong.  Or anywhere else in Asia.  And, you can do it on the brand new Airbus A350.

The Final Two Pennies

I wouldn’t sleep on fares like this.  I always stress that you shouldn’t look at any fare sale as “Los Angeles to Shanghai”.  Rather, it’s from the US To Asia, and you can use miles or other cheap flights to build a great vacation.  It’s pretty easy to find a cheap flight there for positioning on something like this.  There are a ton of low-cost carriers to get you around Asia.

Since these flights originate in the US, you’ll have 24 hours after you book to cancel these flights and receive a full refund.  That means if you’re on the fence you should absolutely book something and then cancel within 24 hours if you decide not to take the trip.  It’s roughly midnight in Hong Kong right now, which means this one might last just a bit longer than I expect.  At some point, someone at Hong Kong airlines is going to wake up and realize they’re giving away business class seats and turn off the faucet.  If this fare is around in 2 hours, I’d be shocked.

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  1. Booked LAX-PVG for Valentine’s Day. FEB 5 to FEB19. $1183.08 total. Any chance the airline will cancel this? Thanks Ed.

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