Now Boarding….I Launched Another Podcast!

Just about 6 months ago I launched my first podcast.  Titled Miles To Go, we bring you the latest in travel news, tips and tricks on a weekly basis.  I speak with a handful of travel bloggers each week to bring you a wide variety of information.

Launching a podcast wasn’t easy.  It wasn’t hard, either.  I learned a lot of lessons along the way.  When we were getting ready to launch Miles To Go, we had an idea for a second podcast.  At the time, I figured we would be able to launch it 30 days after Miles To Go.  As a first-time podcaster, it took me waaaaay more time than I was expecting to learn the ins and outs.

Now Boarding….

I’m happy to announce the launch of NowBoarding!  The official podcast of Boarding Area, we’re starting out with in-depth interviews of every Boarding Area blogger.  Want to know how your favorite blogger got bit by the travel bug?  Or, interested in learning more about a blogger you just discovered?  We’ve got you covered!

Our first 3 episodes are up, featuring 3 of my favorite bloggers:

I had a ton of fun putting together the first 3 episodes.  And, I can’t wait to record some more.  Hope you’ll tune in!

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  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed Miles To Go and look forward to this as well. Though when I checked the play store (android user), it wasn’t coming up. Any advice on how to find it? Thanks!

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