Is Delta Removing Amenities From Transcontinental Flights?

Even though I don’t fly Delta often, I’m very interested in the airline.  They’ve typically been the trendsetter when it comes to the Big 3 (with American and Delta).  They were the first ones to move to a revenue-based earning program.  Delta also eliminated award charts, moving to a more dynamic way of pricing award seats.  Delta has largely been fine marching to the beat of their own drummer while their competitors copy most of what they do.  Neither American or United has moved to eliminate award charts just yet.

Delta was the first to start adding benefits to their premium economy product, Comfort Plus on longer transcontinental flights.  Now, according to Points, Miles and Martinis, they might be walking those benefits back.

We’re not talking about over-the-top benefits.  They currently offer things like blankets, sleep kits and some upgraded snack items.  Those may be going away next week.

The Final Two Pennies

I don’t think anyone is consciously making an airline choice based on a blanket or a frozen yogurt bar.  However, I think the purpose behind the effort was to create some distinction, not only between their economy product but their competitors as well.  I’m guessing Delta was hoping to create a positive feeling amongst customers to reinforce their choice of Delta and for paying a few bucks for nicer seats.

I’m not entirely sure what’s driving the decision.  Could it be that they’re not getting many folks to pay for the upgrade?  That seems to be the most likely reason.  Elite members of their loyalty program are getting those seats for free when available.  Or, maybe Delta realized that a few small benefits weren’t moving the needle.  We won’t know for certain, but it’s interesting to read the tea leaves on this one.

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