Quick Hit! A Quick Stop At Four Corners On The Way To Albuquerque

This is a tale of three canyons.  Chances are you haven’t heard of at least one and maybe two.

Here’s what I plan to cover in this trip report, mostly in order:

There are a number of different ways to get from the Antelope Canyon area to Albuquerque.  For a bit of extra educational fun, we chose to swing by Four Corners.  If you’re unfamiliar, it’s where four states meet (four corners).  With creative foot placement, you can stand in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah at the same time.

I’m not sure what we were expecting, but it was very low-key. You’ll pay a $5 fee per person to enter(thanks to my wife for correcting my feeble memory on this).

There are a couple of food vendors in the parking lot, though they were closed during our visit.

Each of the four states has a section of booths with vendors selling souvenirs.  Some are what you’d expect to see.  Surprisingly, there were a handful of booths with beautiful hand-finished items.  There is a ramp up to a platform that overlooks the metal disc marking the Four Corners.

Folks line up in an orderly fashion to take turns capturing a picture of their group.  Since everyone is in line for the same thing, folks were cooperating with each other.  We ended up with a half decent picture of the four of us.

The Final Two Pennies

Four Corners was a 15-minute diversion from our trek to Albuquerque.  It was worth that sort of a short diversion for the kids to get the experience.  You don’t need to budget much time.  If you haven’t been, plan a quick stop.

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