ACT FAST! $350-$500 Round-Trip Flights To Hawaii!!!

Hawaii is on sale from lots of cities right now. $600 or $700 is a “good” round-trip fare to Hawaii. When I see them as cheap as $500 I tell people to book quickly.

Right now, there are cities even cheaper than that!

According to The Flight Deal, here’s a list of cities they’ve found so far with these really low fares:

  • Albuquerque $343
  • Austin $349
  • For Lauderdale $434
  • Indianapolis $529
  • Milwaukee $535
  • Nashville $475
  • Oklahoma City $394
  • Raleigh $425
  • St. Louis $459

There are more cities listed on the Flight Deal. Further, if this many cities are showing up, there are bound to be more. These sale prices are all on American Airlines, so try searching their website or Google Flights for your specific city.

The Final Two Pennies

I highly doubt these are mistake fares. I’d jump on them pretty quickly if you’re considering trip. You have 24 hours to cancel after you book if you change your mind.

What are you waiting for?

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